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WordPress Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) plugin: FAQ-Tastic «

FAQ-Tastic Lite (Free)

WordPress FAQ Plugin: FAQ-Tastic Lite (Free) product shotWant to build an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on your WordPress site easily? You've come to the right place!

FAQ-Tastic Lite is a FREE multiple FAQ plugin for WordPress that makes light work of answering questions from your site visitors. Unlike other WordPress FAQ plugins, FAQ-Tastic can help you build different FAQs for different areas on your WordPress site.

FAQ-Tastic Lite is the ultimate tool in enabling your site visitors to interact with you and ask question about you, your site, services or even your products. Whatever questions your visitors ask, FAQ-Tastic is flexible enough to handle multiple categories of questions on your site.

Why Have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Your WordPress site?

Whatever type of WordPress site you run - business or personal - a Frequently Asked Questions section is essential. By providing your readers with answers to questions that you're asked on a regular basis, you can save a great deal of time. How would you feel if you saved a lot of time, instead of answering the same question again and again? Having an FAQ simply means that you only need to write your answers once. The beauty of an FAQ is, answering that one niggling question may also help your other website readers who were just too shy to ask the question!

Small Business FAQs?

It's not entirely obvious that having an FAQ for each section can help small businesses. If it was, then more small business sites would have them. When we originally came up with the idea of having "question groups", some people laughed and scoffed at the idea. FAQ-Tastic was labelled as an "FAQ overkill".Those people just "didn't get it". But the reason that you're here is because you "get it". You already understand that creating individual FAQs means you can now answer questions about each product or service that you offer! That's one of the reasons why we built FAQ-Tastic to provide "question groups"!

So, do you have the same questions filling up your email in-box? And how much time are you spending saying the same things again and again? For any small business owner, you already know that time is a precious commodity. How much time could you save simply by pointing your site visitors to your FAQs? Why waste time? After all, time is money!

FAQ-Tastic is an excellent solution for any small business running WordPress. Remember: FAQ-Tastic isn't just for personal blog sites - check out the powerful features that have been built into the plugin!

FAQ-Tastic Features include:

  • Compatible with WordPress 2.8
    FAQ-Tastic is now WordPress 2.8 and WordPress 2.7 compatible.
  • Multiple FAQs for different sections.
    FAQ-Tastic can handle several different FAQs for your site.
  • Single page "Simple" question and answers.
    Have your questions and answers listed on the same page. Great for small FAQs.
  • Multiple page "Paged" question and answers.
    Questions listed on one page with links to separate answer pages. Perfect for very large FAQs.
  • Site visitor "Ask" question box.
    Add an "Ask" box and enable your users to ask the questions and all you need to do is answer them!
  • HTML Markup in answers.
    You can add HTML in answers to your site visitors. Useful for making links to other pages.
  • Easy drag & drop re-ordering of questions & answers.
    Change the order of your questions and answer lists in real time just by dragging and dropping.
  • Pending questions.
    Visitor questions are moved to a pending screen to help filter out unwanted site spam.
  • Publish "Simple" FAQs.
    Create an FAQ page quickly with the "Simple" Publish feature.
  • Simple rating functionality.
    See which questions your users thought were useful. It's also possible to enable/disable this feature.
  • Admin notification emails of visitor questions.
    When users ask a question on your site, you'll be emailed to let you know there's a question to answer.
  • Automatic user email notification of answered questions.
    If your visitor has provided their email, you can send them back a message telling them that their question has been answered.
  • Customizable email messages.
    Change the format of your outgoing user emails.
  • Customizable admin email address.
    Want to have a different email address than the standard WordPress admin email? Just change the email on the Options page.
  • User role restriction
    Specify which level of users can use FAQ-Tastic. Useful if you would like Editors to have access to the plugin,
  • Easy WordPress installation and activation
    Gotta love WordPress - installation and activation is quick and easy. Watch our video tutorials on the homepage.
  • Quick Reference Help section
    Online user help page if you forget the codes needed to get FAQ-Tastic working.
  • Resources section
    The FAQ-Tastic media player has also been integrated into the plugin so you can watch how-to tutorials right from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Clean Removal feature.
    Completely remove FAQ-Tastic from your site including your database as well! Your site will be cleared of FAQ-Tastic with no redundant database tables or junk to slow it down.

And best of all... did we mention that FAQ-Tastic Lite is FREE?

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