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FAQ-Tastic Flycatching: I Also Owe Frank Kern A Beer

July 22nd, 2009
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Origins of a WordPress Frequently Asked Questions Plugin #2

FAQ-Tastic ProIn my last post on the origins of the FAQ-Tastic, I discussed how the idea of FAQ-Tastic isn't new at all. Essentially, my idea to build a WordPress frequently asked questions plugin was inspired by an exceptional Internet Marketer called Dave Taylor. During my time in StomperNet [aff], I also discovered other brilliant marketers who's ideas I've expanded upon to help create the exceptional plugin that you now know as FAQ-Tastic. Unlike other FAQ plugins, the foundations of FAQ-Tastic are based upon Internet Marketing ideas and was built (partly) with an intention to help users with their Internet Marketing efforts. I doubt any other WordPress FAQ plugin can really say that...

Do you want to know how FAQ-Tastic can help you
create an e-Book easily?

Quite a few people have asked me how FAQ-Tastic Pro can help them to create their own e-Books. In this post, I'm going to reveal how you can do that using the new Pro version of FAQ-Tastic, which was inspired by another Internet Marketing "Guru" called Frank Kern. The way that FAQ-Tastic Pro does this is loosely based on Frank Kern's "Flycatcher Page" principle.

If you're a new Internet Marketer and you've never heard about Flycatcher pages, then you're in for a mindblower. I wouldn't be surprised if this technique has passed many marketers by. Doing a Google search for "flycatcher pages marketing" brings up very little (around 4000 pages) about this exceptionally powerful method. It's almost as if this technique has been ignored or passed over in favour of newer methods. However, I would argue that this extremely simple method for building a e-Book product from scratch is one of the most powerful techniques you can learn.

Why? Because you can create an e-Book (or any product) without having to know anything about that niche! (note the bold, italics and underline for *extreme* emphasis!).

So... Would creating a marketable product be useful to you? If you're now interested in knowing more, then keep reading... Strap yourself in - it's a long Post.

e-Book Product Creation: How Easy Is It?

If you've ever thought about creating your own product, then you'll already know some of the common headaches associated with trying to build something for the niche market your in. For a lot of Internet Marketing newbies, the idea of being able to create a product to sell online, using an automated system that's making money 24/7, is a dream that seems filled with so many pitfalls and obstacles.

For example, when considering writing your first e-Book, what should you write about? What do your readers *really* want to know? How can you know if people will be interested in your product? How can you ensure that what you've written fits your market?

At first glance, the task of creating a new e-Book product seems practically impossible. But it does it have to be like that...?

Flycatcher Pages: Zen & The Art Of Product Creation

Creating an e-Book (or any other product) is probably a lot simpler than you realise. In order to create something that is suited to your niche there's actually only 1 question that you need to answer:

What is it that your customers want?

The solution to this problem is extremely simple... well, if you follow Frank Kern's advice and build a Flycatcher Page!

To help you understand how simple it is to do, I'm going tell you Frank's story. Partly as I like storytelling (an art form I fear is dying out...), partly because it's a story I feel should be labelled under the category of  "Internet Marketing Genius" but mostly as I'm certain that by knowing his story you will gain a better insight on how Flycatcher Pages work and can help you build your first product.

Admittedly, this is a very summarised version of events and I've left out quite a bit so this post doesn't get too long!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

Frank wanted to create a product about Japanese Gardens. Having done a little research, he'd identified that this was a great niche to be in. But Frank had a problem. He didn't know anything about Japanese Gardens!

Here was a great opportunity in a potentially profitable niche but how could Frank build a product for a market in which he knew nothing about?

He thought about it and came up with an idea that was simply a moment of genius. In Internet Marketing terms, I would say this moment was possibly equivalent to the apple hitting Newton's head. Whatever it was, it was this moment of inspiration that provided a "simple" solution to the problem.

Instead of seeing his lack of knowledge as an obstacle, Frank turned the problem on it's head.

  • Did he really need to know anything about the subject?
    The answer was "No".
  • But if he didn't need to know anything about the subject, then What was it that he *DID* need to know?
    Well, what he needed to know was what people wanted.
  • So the question became: How do you find out what people actually want to know?
    The answer was so fantastically simple: "Ask them what they want to know!" (and they'll tell you!).

Now, I want you to consider something for a moment. How many times have you missed an opportunity, simply because you didn't "ask" for it? For example, just asking if there's a discount or asking if you can have one for free or asking if someone will go on a date with you? Just the simple process of "asking" can yield a whole new world of opportunities that you may not have realised before...

So here's roughly what Frank did (I'm summarising here):

He created a simple Page (Yes... just one page!). On the page, he said:

"I'm creating a new e-Book and just want to make sure I've got everything covered. What's your biggest question about Japanese Gardens? In return for your question, I'll give you a free copy of the e-Book when it's released".

The page had a form that people could use to email Frank their question. Frank then used some Pay Per Click ads to drive traffic to the page. As you can imagine, people submitted their questions as they knew they'd get their answer as well as a whole load of other answers related to Japanese Gardens from Frank's e-Book!

Frank then collected up the questions and sent these off to a ghostwriter to research for him. Once all of the questions were answered and the e-book was finished, Frank had a great, high quality product ready for sale.

The Flycatcher Page: Why Does It Work?

Now that you've seen how to create a Flycatcher page, let's have a look at what's really going on behind the scenes. If you take a moment to consider "why" it works, then you'll understand why I consider this one technique to be really quite magical amd extremely powerful...

  • Was the e-book something that his market wanted?
    Yes - it contained questions that his market had asked.
  • Was it something that people wanted to know?
    Yes - again, they'd asked the questions so they must want to know about it.
  • Would the e-Book be something other people would be interested in?
    - there are always people who would be asking the same question over and over again.
  • Would this e-Book be something that people would buy?
    Yes - the fact that people had to resort to PPC adverts meant that it was something they couldn't find using an organic/natural search. In fact, because people couldn't find the answer to their questions meant that Frank was the only person who had the answers to questions that couldn't be found elsewhere on the Internet! Obviously, this made the product *extremely* marketable!

So, can you now see how amazing, yet simple, this technique of "just asking" really is? This technique was so powerful that Frank Kern and Ed Dale created an extemely successful course based on it (and other stuff) called the Underachiever Formula (note: I may be wrong on this... the story was passed to me second hand in StomperNet). I'm not sure that the course is being run any more... and let's face it, if it was then I'd probably have an affiliate link somewhere here if I could find one!

Most Internet Marketer's will know of Frank Kern. If you don't then just Google him and you'll find a lot of his products are now selling for literally thousands of dollars. Of all of the Internet Marketing "Gurus", I'd have to say that Frank is probably my favourite. He's not spammy, he has integrity and a lot of his stuff is funny to watch. Personally, I quite like the fact that these days he's starting to look a lot like Jesus (no offence - to anyone - especially Frank!).

So, What Do FlyCatcher Pages Have To Do With FAQ-Tastic?

Ask yourself: What is it that Frank Kern did with his FlyCatcher pages? He answered other people's questions.

Now ask yourself: What is it that FAQ-Tastic does? Quite simply it allows you to answer other people's questions.

Hmm... SNAP!?! Do you really think this is just a happy coincidence? ;)

I think you can see where this is going. So... Now you understand how powerful just one simple technique can be, what how would it be if you could make this process even simpler?

Well, now you can.

Click to view image

Click to view image

In FAQ-Tastic Pro, there's a facility to export your questions and answers to CSV format. Quite simply, you can do the same thing as what Frank Kern has done. Set up a page and pop a FAQ-Tastic "Ask Box" on it. Drive traffic to the page and collect the questions. Once you have enough, just click on the export icon to download your questions and hire a freelancer to research the questions for you (if you know nothing about the niche).

As you can see, creating a Flycatcher page and exporting questions is a natural extension to what FAQ-Tastic does exceptionally well! It's a very simple piece of functionality but one that could create a whole new world of possibilities for you... if you choose to use it that way (instead of a plain, old, boring Frequently Asked Questions plugin!).

And that, is how I expanded on Frank Kern's simple, yet powerful Internet Marketing idea. I do believe, that's now 2 giants that FAQ-Tastic is standing on the shoulders of!

Now, Why Not
Upgrade To FAQ-Tastic Pro?

FAQ-Tastic Pro MembershipIf you're new to FAQ-Tastic, then I'd recommend you try out the FREE Lite version of this Frequently Asked Questions plugin for your WordPress site so you can get a feel for the plugin. For most people, FAQ-Tastic Lite pretty much does what they need it to do.

If you've already tried it and have now realised how much more value could be gained by unlocking the untapped potential of the plugin, then feel free to upgrade to the FAQ-Tastic Pro membership.

One thing that you should bear in mind is that with FAQ-Tastic Pro, you get all of the power of a fully functional frequently asked plugin for WordPress as well as the ability to create Flycatcher pages! If you did a quick search, you'd know that just getting some software to  help you build Flycatcher pages would cost you around $69.97...

At the moment, the FAQ-Tastic project is slowly starting to take shape. While the Pro plugin is ready, there's still quite a lot I have to do in terms of explaining why FAQ-Tastic is one of the tools you should have as a marketer. As most existing members know, I'm still in the process of building the members areas. Over the next coming months, I'll be adding videos to demonstrate more of these techniques.

For the moment, there's a Discount on Pro membership - this is mainly as the Pro area is still a little bare and I'm still trying to steal time, in between my normal work, to add more content. Also, I'm having a few issues creating videos on my PCs - i.e. they keep crashing - so I'm waiting for my Mac to get fixed to start creating some fresh new content! The discount ends on Sunday 26th July so I'd recommend you take action now and don't be like other people who missed out on the last offer!

A Quick Message To Frank

Frank, if you're reading this - I owe you a beer! Thanks for being one of the inspirations for my plugin and helping people to realise that they can make the seemingly impossible become possible!

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Written by edith on July 22nd, 2009
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