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FAQ-Tastic Video Tutorial Woes »

1st April 2009
Written by edith

Okay. It's taken me a while to get round to doing this and it's not been easy. One thing I've come to realise is that the 2 weeks that I spent creating a full-on step-by-step user manual for FAQ-Tastic was probably a waste of time. I'm not really sure if many people spend time going [...]

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FAQ-Tastic For WordPress 2.7 »

3rd February 2009
Written by edith

Okay, again - apologies for the delay in the upgrade. Man, have I been all over the place recently (mentally, that is...!). So... 1 delayed client website + shopping cart; 2 poorly kids (with differing symptoms. They're better now - thanks for asking!); 1 semi-migrainous day-long headache; a UK snow-in yesterday and a week and [...]

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FAQ-Tastic for WordPress 2.7 (coming soon) »

16th January 2009
Written by edith

It's been a while. FAQ-Tastic has been long overdue for an upgrade and I realise that there have been issues with WordPress 2.6.x. A solution is on it's way. For the moment, here's an excerpt from a broadcast email I sent out mid-January 2009 which explains various issues with developing FAQ-Tastic for the WordPress community.

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