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HeadSpace 2 by John Godley (UrbanGiraffe.com)

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If you're a webmaster or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional looking for an excellent meta keyword and description SEO plugin for WordPress, then you should definitely check out HeadSpace 2.

Written by John Godley (the same Developer who helped me to create FAQ-Tastic), HeadSpace 2 has a lot more features than meets the eye.

HeadSpace 2 can help search engine optimize your WordPress page/posts by enabling you to customize:

  • Page Titles,
  • Meta Keywords,
  • Meta Descriptions,
  • Changing the "More" text
  • Follow / No-Follow links
  • Site Name (on a per page basis - i.e. H1 tags),
  • Side Description (on a per page basis - i.e. H2 tags),
  • Per page javascripts & stylesheets,
  • Per page WordPress themes,
  • RSS name & description
  • Custom data
  • Per page plugins (bit flaky - personally, I tend to leave this option as it can cause issues!)

HeadSpace doesn't stop there! All of these features can then be set individually as a Global Setting for your entire site or even have settings for your Homepage, Front Page, Archives, Categories, Posts, Pages, Author Pages, Search Pages, 404 Page, Tag Pages, Attachment Pages *and*... your login page... phew!

If that wasn't enough for you, then HeadSpace also comes with options under the "Site Modules" sections that can be used with the following:

  • Google Analytics
    Adds Google Analytic tracking code to all pages (through wp_footer)
  • Apture
    Add Apture to all pages
  • AWStats JavaScript Tracking
    Adds AWStats JavaScript tracking to all pages (through wp_footer)
  • 103bees
    Adds 103bees tracking code to all pages
  • CrazyEgg
    Adds CrazyEgg tracking code to all pages
  • Disable Visual Editing
    Disable the WordPress visual editor
  • Feedburner Stats Pro
    Adds appropriate code to your posts to enable FeedBurner Stats Pro
  • First Time Visitor
    Display a message for first time visitors (based upon idea from Seth Godin)
  • Frame Breaker
    Stops your site being loaded in a frame.
  • Google Section Targeting
    Wraps all post and page content inside a Google targeted section
  • Google Webmaster
    Adds Google Webmaster tracking code to your home page
  • HitTail
    Adds HitTail tracking code to all pages
  • Microsoft Live Verification
    Adds Microsoft Live verification code to your home page
  • Mint
    Adds Mint tracking code to all pages
  • Page Counts
    Customise the number of posts shown on the archive and search pages, and decide whether to show full content or the excerpt
  • Piwik
    Adds Piwik tracking code to all pages
  • StatCounter
    Adds StatCounter tracking code to all pages
  • System Settings
    Configure PHP memory limits, time-outs, and error reporting
  • WordPress content formatting
    Allows you to enable or disable various WordPress auto-formatting (including wpautop)
  • Disable WordPress Widgets
    Allows you to enable or disable various WordPress Widgets
  • Yahoo! Site Explorer
    Adds Yahoo! Site Explorer tracking code to your home page

Not only that, but an often missed feature of HeadSpace 2 can be found under the "Tools" navigation of your WordPress Admin screen - HeadSpace's "Meta-Data" link.

This is essentially a "mass edit" feature. If you've not been updating your site or have lots of pages that need to be amended, then the mass editing functionality can help save you a great deal of time when optimizing your pages.

If you're already using a WordPress SEO plugin and are worried about migrating? Don't be. HeadSpace 2 also comes with a data importer for most of the current "top" SEO plugins for WordPress.

Is this plugin any good? It's freakin' excellent! I should know, I spent a couple of weeks about 2 years ago sending John a whole load of SEO suggestions and bouncing ideas around via email. Not just any suggestions - ones based on high quality suggested tweaks from StomperNet (which I happened to be in at the time). So, yes, this plugin is excellent. It has a solid, well reasoned foundation and a lot of integrity... it's also a bit of a beast. I doubt you'll ever use all of the features... but the ones you will use can definitely help you with SEO on your WordPress site.

The best part about HeadSpace 2 is it's price. It's FREE.

...so as usual, can I just say - please send John a donation for all of his hard work and effort if you like and use his plugin(s). He's allergic to putting up donation buttons on his UrbanGiraffe.com site but if you look around for several hours you can find the 1 link he has for donations. To make it easier, click here to get to John's donation's page!


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