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Upgrade To FAQ-Tastic Pro

Hi [firstname],

Thanks for your interest in upgrading to FAQ-Tastic Pro.

FAQ-Tastic Pro gives WordPress webmasters a powerful way of creating Frequently Asked Pages on their site easily. Just like the Lite version, FAQ-Tastic Pro is easy to use and simply adds additional features that provides that extra boost you need to manage FAQ's your site.

FAQ-Tastic Pro Features

Change Question Groups

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

One of the most requested features from users has been the ability to change and re-assign which Question Group a user submitted question should belong to.

With FAQ-Tastic Pro, this is now easily done using the new Question & Groups tab and selecting the Group your question should belong to. Simply select the group and click on the Save button!

Related Questions With NoFollow Attributes

At FAQ-Tastic, we understand that a good question often leads to other questions! The new Related Questions feature allows you to add related Paged questions so that you can encourage your readers to explore your site and discover more about that topic.

Each related link also allows you to select whether you wish to add a "nofollow" attribute, so you can control which links should be followed by the search engines.

Drag & Drop Page Re-Ordering

In FAQ-Tastic Pro, you can now re-organise the order of the pages which your answers appear in, simply by using the same Drag & Drop feature as you can find for Simple Groups in FAQ-Tastic Lite.

Edit Ask Button Text

Want to change the "Ask Question" button? The links under the "Name" column of FAQ-Tastic Pro to edit groups contains a field where you can change the text that appears for your button. Just add the text and you can tailor your button to suit the Ask Box for that group!

Click to view image

Click to view image

Import / Export Questions (CSV)

You can now download all your Questions & Answers and re-import them into another group, or on another website using the handy Export to CSV feature.

For anyone interested in creating a "FlyCatcher Page", FAQ-Tastic Pro can help you to gather questions from your readers so that you can send them to a researcher to have an e-Book created. You can find other "FlyCatcher Page" products online from $60 upwards... FAQ-Tastic Pro can help you to collect the same data and do much, much more. After all, collecting questions is what FAQ-Tastic does excellently!

Editable Page Slugs

Tired of those really long page slugs that get generated by FAQ-Tastic Lite? Pro allows you to change the slugs to something shorter and a little more appropriate.

Adsense Option

Have you ever noticed how when you answer questions you need to use keywords?

Think about it for a moment. When a reader submits a question, they have to use keywords to describe and explain precisely what they mean. Creating an answer also requires the use of the same keywords. So, simply by answering questions well, the content for you page is already very well suited for any form of contextual adserving system like Google AdSense.

FAQ-Tastic great for helping you to keep your pages contextually relevant. All you have to do is to add your AdSense (or any other advertising code) to the Option screen and you could well have precisely targetted adverts to the pages on your site!

Multi-Site Licence

Unlike other WordPress plugins, FAQ-Tastic is built in keeping with the Spirit of WordPress. WordPress is based on the General Public License (GPL) and plugins, in theory, should be too. Since a WordPress plugin must use a great deal of WordPress functions there's no way of separating them from the terms of the GPL under which WordPress is released.

Did you know that under GPL, you could effectively take a plugin and modify it's code, use it on any site you have or even re-sell it? Yes, this means that the business model sucks for me but it has great benefits for YOU!

That doesn't stop other plugin Developers from trying to squeeze every penny out of you by forcing you to purchase a multi-site licence (simply because you didn't know!). FAQ-Tastic Pro doesn't. FAQ-Tastic Pro respects the spirit of WordPress. And the FAQ-Tastic project is much more than trying to make you part with your money.

If FAQ-Tastic was purely about making money, I would have re-purposed someone elses code, placed my own branding on it and simply sold it as if it were my own product... however, I didn't. That has no integrity. The value of FAQ-Tastic project is more than that. The real value is understanding why FAQ-Tastic was built.

Access to Pro Members Area

When you upgrade to FAQ-Tastic Pro, not only will you be helping to keep this project alive but you will also be given access to other resources that will help you to make the most of your WordPress site.

In the new members area (still under constant construction), I'll be adding links to other useful complimentary plugins that will help you to save time and energy on your site.

There will also be content for users interested in search engine optimising their website so that you can really build a site that can gain prominence in the search engines.

No Subscription Fee Or Re-Bills!

Also, there's NO recurring subscription fee. I hate that - getting billed for something you hardly use - so I'm not going to do it to you. When you upgrade to FAQ-Tastic Pro, it's a straight 1 off payment and access. No rebills, no fuss.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you feel that FAQ-Tastic Pro isn't for you, then simply package up the product and send it back (... just kidding, it's a downloadable!).

It could be for any reason - whether FAQ-Tastic Pro makes your dog bark whenever you use it or you feel that by using it you've now become too productive and now find you have too much time and don't know what to do with it.

Whatever the reason, just let me know within 30 days and I'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked (unless you feel you want to tell me).

Admittedly, I'd rather you didn't... but I'll completely understand if you don't quite feel that FAQ-Tastic Pro is right for you!

Before You Upgrade To FAQ-Tastic Pro

If you haven't already, please download and try out FAQ-Tastic Lite.

Why Try FAQ-Tastic Lite? There are a couple of reasons that you should try FAQ-Tastic Lite *first*:

  1. Trying FAQ-Tastic Lite Helps Ensure Plugin Compatiblity.
    If you install FAQ-Tastic Lite and it works with your existing WordPress set-up, then FAQ-Tastic Pro will work for you.!
    If it doesn't, then there may be a plugin or theme conflict that needs to be resolved - but at least you've saved money and found out first! There's nothing more annoying than buying something and finding out it doesn't work properly - why waste your time? Ensuring you've checked that FAQ-Tastic Lite works, simply means the Pro will be compatible even before you reach into your wallet!
  2. FAQ-Tastic Lite may already be perfect for your needs!
    FAQ-Tastic Lite was designed with the small site owner in mind, so if you have very few questions and answers, there's probably no need to upgrade to FAQ-Tastic Pro, other than helping to support this project!

Upgrading To Pro Helps Keep This Project Alive!

Over the last 2 years, I've attempted various strategies to encourage users to donate and help with the maintenance of the FAQ-Tastic plugin. I would love to say that there were lots of donations, however the reality is that a very small handful of people actually make donations to help their favourite plugin Developers.

FAQ-Tastic Pro has simply been born out of the need to support the plugin and upgrading will simply help keep this project alive.

At the moment, FAQ-Tastic is good although it could be much better. Would it surprise you if I were to tell you that FAQ-Tastic contains about half of the features that I had originally intended for the plugin? As you already know, in the past, the cost of adding new features to the plugin has been funded from my own pocket. So now, I need your help. Upgrading to FAQ-Tastic Pro will enable me to realise the vision of the plugin that FAQ-Tastic should be. In time, with the funds raised from users upgrading to Pro, I will be adding more features to help you save time building your FAQs and managing the content on your site.

How To Upgrade Your Membership

To upgrade your membership, simply use the button below to be taken to the shopping cart and make your payment.

After your payment has been accepted, you will be redirected to the Membership Registration page to upgrade your account. As you're an existing user, just follow the instructions on the page.

How Much Does It Cost

Let me just recap what you get when you upgrade to FAQ-Tastic Pro:

  • Change Question Groups
  • Drag & Drop Page Re-Ordering
  • Edit Ask Button Text
  • Editable Page Slugs
  • Related Questions
  • Export / Import Questions (CSV)
    ...and create FlyCatcher Pages!
  • Adsense Option
  • Multi-Site Licence
  • Access to Pro Members Area
    No monthly subscriptions or rebills ...and with new resources being added!

Seems like quite a bit, eh?

Upgrading to FAQ-Tastic Pro only costs £34.99 inc. VAT (£30.43 ex VAT. Note:VAT applicable to EU members only.)

But wait... There's A 20% Discount At The Moment!!!

I'm currently providing a 20% discount to any Lite Member upgrading to FAQ-Tastic Pro.

Why? While you get the fully functioning FAQ-Tastic Pro plugin, at the moment, I'm still in the process of building the membership site. I really want to ensure that you have real value when you upgrade and become a FAQ-Tastic Pro member. At the moment, this simply isn't the case, so I feel it's only fair to give you a massive discount right now!

But hurry, as this offer is only available until Sunday 26th July 2009.

To get your discount, simply use the following Coupon Code at the checkout:


So... are you now ready to Upgrade Your Membership To FAQ-Tastic Pro? Click on the button below!

Ready To Buy A FAQ-Tastic Pro Membership?

Click The Green Button To Purchase Your Membership NOW!

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(No e-Checks Please! They really mess up the registration system!)

PS: Remember to use your Coupon Discount at the checkout!

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