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StomperNet 999: The End of Online Marketing «

StomperNet's Omen Inversion

July 26th, 2009
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I woke up yesterday to find a cryptic message from StomperNet. As you may know, as an ex-Stomper member, it's one of the places I still visit as they always have really cool, up-to-date information and a lot of great free content that can really transform your online presence, marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

But yesterday, checking my mail first thing, I received this strange message:

Subject: Forget 2012 - the world (as you know it) ends on 09/09/09

In just over a month, we're going to make a very important announcement about StomperNet that you will want to see.

You should definitely bookmark this page now. [link below]

We promise that when the timer on that page reaches zero you'll be glad you're watching.

Stay Tuned,
Brad Fallon

WTH is going on? Keep reading...

Whatever it is, if you're an Internet Marketer, you know when StomperNet sends out this type of message, it's going to be HUGE! Definitely something to know about NOW, rather than later!

The Omen: You are one day closer to the end of the world!Way back in the 70s, one of my favourite movies was released: "The Omen". The marketing for the movie was simply brilliant with posters advertising the film saying "Today is the SIXTH day of the SIXTH month of Nineteen-Seventy-SIX!" (IMDB trivia for The Omen) just to freak people out. And it worked! Decades later 20th Century Fox released the film on 06-06-06 as their release date... again, the marketing strategy worked.

As masters of marketing, StomperNet have come up with something big for 09-09-09. And knowing Andy Jenkins is a really big movie buff, I wouldn't be surprised if he had something to do with the idea behind this (and has been planning it for quite a while!). The curious thing is that the email it's not signed by Andy - if you notice, it's signed by Brad Fallon! That in itself is very unusual... so maybe Andy's not the one to have come up with this. Things are getting weird. The mystery becomes even more... well, mysterious! (I'm running out of clich├ęs).

Anyway, if you want to check this out then go here:

Stomper's Bizarre Apocalyptic Doomsday Countdown Page:

(Only Go Here If You Want To Be Freaked Out!)

Those Stomper guys are definitely up to something BIG... but what is it? I've no idea and I'm going to keep a close eye on this one. There's something strangely alluring about this - the answered questions, the guessing game. Such intrigue and suspense. As I say, these guys know how to put on a show, so go check it out.

I'm hoping, unlike The Omen, this is going to be something great - like an "Omen inversion" using the date for something really positive. And knowing the Stomper guys, I'm certain that it will be.

I've bookmarked that page, it's strangely hypnotic watching the clocks count down. And I love those bizarre riddle-like guessing games!

The only unfortunate thing is, over here - across the pond in the UK - "999" is used for calling the emergency services.

I sure hope no-one has a heartattack freaking out over this!

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Written by edith on July 26th, 2009
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