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FAQ-Tastic Video Tutorial Woes «

FAQ-Tastic Video Tutorial Woes

April 1st, 2009

Okay. It's taken me a while to get round to doing this and it's not been easy. One thing I've come to realise is that the 2 weeks that I spent creating a full-on step-by-step user manual for FAQ-Tastic was probably a waste of time. I'm not really sure if many people spend time going through it before they use FAQ-Tastic. Somehow... I doubt it.

Anyway. No matter. This is year I'm all about doing things differently.

Like I say, to make things even easier for people using this site, I've now finally gotten round to starting on some video tutorials for FAQ-Tastic!While it might not seem like much, there's quite a lot that's gone into them in terms of editing them down and making them easy to follow and as short as possible. You would NOT believe the number of takes I've had to do to get usable material for these videos - I am not a natural TV presenter (but I do edit well).

And then there was the editing. Don't get me started on that - it was a whole new learning curve to get Camtasia to work just how I wanted it to. This is not an easy task when the computer you're using is about 3 years old, okay?

Is there a point to all this? I suppose there is. The point I'm trying to make is that making things easy for people sometimes isn't the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to really create something of quality. And the truth is, most people probably won't even notice the tiniest details.

For example... the way in which the navigation titles are actually different to the main heading titles. How is that possible in WordPress? And how the whole video index is actually generated using FAQ-Tastic (doesn't that just change how you use the plugin? :) )...

And that's fine too. Why? Because, it's not about whether or not people noticed. It's about the fact that I actually had some fun doing those videos and learning a whole new set of skills. So really, it doesn't matter if people use the videos or not.

...and if people actually *DO* start watching the videos and learning how to use FAQ-Tastic? Well, that will (at the very least) save me from a lot of time and effort replying to emails!

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Written by edith on April 1st, 2009

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2 Comment on “FAQ-Tastic Video Tutorial Woes”

  1. Leon McKee says:

    Very well done. Great job!

    Leon McKee

  2. nikki says:


    Just thought I'd say thanks for taking the time to create the videos! I feel your pain - having spent the best part of 4 hrs creating the audio for a video in Camtasia I then managed to somehow lose the whole thing! At 1am after a very long day there were words uttered that I wouldn't care to tarnish your blog with!
    The final take was such a perfect take too *sigh* so I've still gotta go back and do it again but I will certainly make the most of the vids you've kindly supplied for the plugin that I intend to use on one of my sites!

    All the best


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