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30 Day Challenge Facebook Application Free Quick Links PDF «

30 Day Challenge Facebook App Link Issue

July 25th, 2009
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I'm currently checking out Ed Dale's Thirty Day Challenge. It's a free course for new, aspiring Internet Marketers who really want to learn how to get online and make their first $10 in 30 days (without having to spend huge amounts on training!). If you read my last post on How To Create an eBook using a Flycatcher Page you may remember that Ed Dale was the guy who Frank Kern teamed up with to create the Underachiever Formula.

Anyway, Ed did something similar to the 30 Day Challenge when StomperNet first started - I remember doing a bit but not getting that far with it (although I did end up with an affiliate check of about $20 three or four months after the challenge...)

Anyway, this year, Ed has created a new 30 Day Challenge Facebook application so you can get access to everything in one place.

However, there's currently a problem with the links in the actual Facebook app. At the moment, links inside the app on the tabs seem to link back to the homepage.

Temporary Solution: I've got a PDF file with a bunch of links which I use to access the 30 Day Challenge in Facebook.  It might be useful to some people - if you want to get the full experience this in Facebook and are suffering from the same problem as me!

Thirty Day Challenge - Facebook Application links PDF File (273kb)
Or Zip file:
Thirty Day Challenge - Facebook Application links PDF File (Zipped) (259kb)
(right click and "Save As..." to download the file)

Feel free to share this PDF out with anyone, if you like - it's simply what I use to make things easier until Ed sorts out the problems with the Facebook app! Let me know if this is useful.

Remember, you'll need to sign up for the application and log into Facebook in order for these links to work!



PS: Thanks Ed! You ROCK! Can you please get those links fixed? I may even complete the TDC this year... ;)
PPS: 2009-07-25 22:45 GMT - Now updated with "Meetups" Link.

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Written by edith on July 25th, 2009
{ 1 comment }

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One Comment on “30 Day Challenge Facebook App Link Issue”

  1. Trudi Jane says:

    Thanks, a great help...I was a quite confused: started to feel a little dumb not being able to use a simple application! Yay, It's not me!!

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